Biomil Dental Products is an Australian owned and
operated company, comprising of a team of highly
skilled dental technicians and engineers, who have
acquired a wealth of specialist industry knowledge.
We are actively at the forefront of new and
innovative solutions, and consistently stay on top of
technological advancements in the industry.

Our employees have a common goal – to provide
quality service and support to the dental industry
– specialising in digital workflows, with a particular
focus on open and affordable systems. To ensure this,
we have developed firm and widespread affiliations
with leading dental companies worldwide, ensuring
our range of materials is extensive, and has the
ability to facilitate optimal workflow.

Our state-of-the-art milling centre provides a solution
for all laboratories who wish to enter the digital
sphere, without incurring the large capital investment

Our business is operated by three reputable dental
technicians, who have an outstanding combined
working experience of 90 years in the industry, with
a hunger to further cultivate our current commitment
to engineering excellence in the provision of crown,
bridge and implant services.

With customer service, attention to detail, and the
ability to meet deadlines all paramount inclusions in
our service, Biomil Dental Products is a supplier you
can trust.