Deluxe Optical 3D Scanner

Deluxe is Open Technologies’ full optional model. Provided with cameras that acquire the colour and the texture of the models and the best speed performances, it’s the perfect scanner for the user who wants to meet the specific demands of each kind of project.

All the Optical RevEng Dental optional modules are included in the Deluxe model, except for the Dynamic Articulation and the Concept Quad modules.

Possible projects

  • Models acquisition
  • Bridges and anatomic, reduced and offset
  • Possibility to choose between the guided scan
    procedure and the free scan procedure
  • Acquisition of full models and sectioned models
  • Multi-die acquisition
  • Implant Scan Bodies’ scanning and alignment
  • Articulator acquisition
  • Texture colour acquisition
  • Impression acquisition
  • Model creation from impressions (with Model
    Base Design)
  • Guided scan strategy for removable frameworks
  • Guided scan strategy for orthodontic projects, with Model Base Design


  • Dynamic articulation module
  • Database for Orthodontic and Removable
  • frameworks’ projects (VDDS protocol)
  • Concept Quad module
  • Reference Rim


5-Axis Scanning System *
Power Supply 110/220 V 50/60 Hz
Input – Output File Format STL, OBJ, OFF, PLY
Accuracy (μm) 5 – ISO 12836 certification
Repeatability (μm) 2 – ISO 12836 certification
Resolution (μm) 5
Scanning time – full arch Around 20 Sec
Scanner Dimensions (cm) 61x35x60
Weight (Kg) 20
Interface USB 3
Cameras 2 with color
* 3 Optical axis and 2 mechanical axis
GPU Processing
Indexed Positioning System
Direct Positioning System
Periodic calibration control
Recalibration System
Colour Acquisition
Touchscreen ready
Mouse 3D ready
Guided mode
Expert mode
Models/Dies scanning
Implants scanning and positioning
Impression scanning
(with Model Base Design)
MultiDie 9 elements strategy
Removable frameworks strategy
Orthodontics strategy
(with Model Base Design)
Articulator scanning
Dynamic articulation module OPTIONAL
Concept Quad module OPTIONAL
Reference Rim OPTIONAL